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Airbnb Essentials: Must-Have Toiletries for a Five-Star Guest Experience

In the competitive world of vacation rentals, offering a memorable and comfortable stay is key to winning over guests and securing glowing reviews. One often overlooked but critical aspect of guest satisfaction is the provision of toiletries.

As an Airbnb host, the right selection and presentation of toiletries can significantly enhance your guests' experience, setting you apart from the competition.

This blog will guide you through the essentials of Airbnb toiletries, helping you decide what to provide for your guests to ensure their stay is as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

The Basics: Essential Toiletries Every Airbnb Should Have

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Why It's Important: Clean, well-maintained hair is a basic necessity for most guests. Providing a good-quality shampoo and conditioner can make guests feel at home and reduce their need to pack these items.

Recommendation: Opt for neutral, mild formulations suitable for all hair types. Consider eco-friendly or natural products, which are increasingly popular among travelers.

2. Body Wash or Soap

Why It's Important: This is a fundamental hygiene product. Whether guests prefer body wash or soap, having one or both available ensures they can maintain their personal cleanliness.

Recommendation: Provide both bar soap and body wash if possible. Choose gentle, hypoallergenic options to cater to all skin types. Look for products with pleasant, mild scents.

3. Hand Soap

Why It's Important: With heightened awareness of hygiene, especially post-pandemic, having hand soap readily available is crucial.

Recommendation: Liquid hand soap in a pump bottle is often more hygienic and convenient than bar soap. Choose a product with moisturizing properties to prevent dry hands.

4. Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Why It's Important: Guests may forget these essentials, especially if they’re on a long trip or arriving late at night.

Recommendation: Stock travel-sized toothpaste and individually wrapped toothbrushes. Consider biodegradable options to reduce plastic waste.

5. Towels and Washcloths

Why It's Important: Clean, fresh towels are a must for any accommodation. Guests will appreciate having both bath and hand towels, as well as washcloths.

Recommendation: Provide at least two sets of towels per guest. Ensure they are soft, absorbent, and laundered with hypoallergenic detergent.

Going the Extra Mile: Additional Toiletries to Impress

1. Lotion

Why It's Important: Traveling can take a toll on the skin, leaving it dry and irritated. A good lotion can help guests feel more comfortable and pampered.

Recommendation: Provide a high-quality, unscented lotion that is suitable for all skin types. Consider eco-friendly or organic options.

2. Razor and Shaving Cream

Why It's Important: These items are often forgotten by travelers but are essential for personal grooming.

Recommendation: Stock disposable razors and small tubes of shaving cream or gel. Ensure they are suitable for both men and women.

3. Feminine Hygiene Products

Why It's Important: Guests may unexpectedly need these items and appreciate the convenience of having them readily available.

Recommendation: Offer a selection of tampons and sanitary pads in discreet packaging. Consider adding a small waste bin with a lid for disposal.

4. Hair Dryer

Why It's Important: Not all guests travel with a hair dryer, but many expect one to be available.

Recommendation: Provide a compact, powerful hair dryer. Make sure it is easily accessible and in good working condition.

5. Makeup Remover and Cotton Pads

Why It's Important: Makeup removers can be easily forgotten, and some guests might use towels to remove makeup, which can lead to staining.

Recommendation: Offer makeup remover wipes or a gentle micellar water along with cotton pads. This small touch can greatly enhance the guest experience.

6. Sewing Kit and First Aid Supplies

Why It's Important: These items can be lifesavers in a pinch, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Recommendation: A small sewing kit with needles, thread, and buttons, along with a basic first aid kit (band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers), can be very helpful for guests.

Creating a Thoughtful Presentation

Packaging and Presentation

Why It’s Important: The way toiletries are presented can make a big difference in guest perception. Thoughtful presentation shows attention to detail and enhances the overall aesthetic of your rental.

Recommendation: Use small baskets or trays to organize toiletries. Consider adding a small welcome note or instruction card explaining what is available and encouraging guests to use what they need.

Replenishment and Cleanliness

Why It’s Important: Running out of essential toiletries or finding used products can be disappointing for guests.

Recommendation: Regularly check and replenish supplies between guest stays. Ensure all products are clean, sealed, and neatly arranged. Provide extras in a designated spot, so guests know where to find replacements.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options

Why It’s Important

Today’s travelers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. Offering eco-friendly toiletries can appeal to this demographic and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.


  • Bulk Dispensers: Use refillable bulk dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to reduce plastic waste.

  • Eco-Friendly Brands: Choose brands that prioritize sustainable practices, such as biodegradable packaging, cruelty-free testing, and natural ingredients.

  • Reusable Items: Provide reusable items like cloth makeup remover pads instead of single-use wipes.

Final Tips for Hosts

Consistency and Quality

Why It’s Important: Consistency in the quality of provided toiletries helps build a reliable guest experience, leading to better reviews and repeat bookings.

Recommendation: Invest in good-quality products and keep track of your inventory to ensure you always have enough supplies. Regularly ask for feedback from guests to continually improve your offerings.

Personal Touch

Why It’s Important: Adding a personal touch can make guests feel special and cared for, enhancing their overall experience.

Recommendation: Consider including a small welcome gift, such as a local specialty soap or a personalized welcome note. This small gesture can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Providing the right toiletries in your Airbnb can significantly enhance your guests' experience, leading to positive reviews and repeat bookings. By offering essential items you can ensure your guests feel comfortable and cared for. Remember, thoughtful presentation and regular replenishment of these items will show your attention to detail and commitment to guest satisfaction.

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